Provide youth and parents with quality learning experiences in a safe, drug-free environment:​

  • Promote & encourage competent education
  • Reduce juvenile delinquency

​Heighten awareness of environmental stewardship

  • Raise awareness & prevention of environmental illnesses such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (M.C.S.)
  • Promote the use of Integrated Pest Management
  • Promote healthy & environmentally safe building and cleaning products

Secure resources to prepare North Versailles residents to compete in a global economy (Moving forward we want to)

  • Establish & maintain on-site health clinic
  • Promote & facilitate positive parenting skills
  • Increase cultural diversity competence
  • Build a multipurpose community center
  • Provide computer training for North Versailles
  • Design & implement income generating programs
  • Provide job readiness programs
  • Offer University classes

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