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​    Enjoy your review of this information about our Honorees from our 25th ​Anniversary Luncheon.

​They are truly Diamonds of our Community!

                                                   Lamonte E. Wilson (Public Service)
                                                      Lamonte E. Wilson was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                                                         and has more than years of firefighting experience,                                                                   including four years in the United States Coast Guard,                                                             and 22 years of service with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire.

 In March of 1996 Lamonte was appointed Fire Chief of the Allegheny County Bureau of Fire.  He was the first African American Department Chief in Western Pennsylvania.

Lamonte’s previous positions have included Fire Suppression, Training, Explosives & Fireworks Taskforces, Fire Supply, and Minority Recruitment Specialist.

During his tenure as Communications Officer (for The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire) he was published in several national magazines including APCO; Association of Public-safety Communications Officials International.

In addition to his hands-on practical service, Lamonte aided in the positive development of safety measures by serving on multiple boards and committees.  These included such diverse positions as the National Task Force on Local Community Preparedness and Response, where was a Charter Advisory Seat Member, in Washington, D.C., in 2005.  He also served on the Allegheny County Local Emergency Planning Committee and the Region 13 Fire and Haz-Mat Committee, and the Allegheny Firefighter’s Advisory Committee.  He also served as a Board Member of New Dawn Ministries, of LJS Publications and the Greater Allegheny and Monongahela Housing Corporation.  He continued to exhibit his civic-mindedness and giving spirit by sharing his expertise on the Presbyterian University Hospital Stress Debriefing Team and as the President of the 13th Ward Democratic Club.

For these, and numerous other civic and public service activities, Lamonte was inducted into the Heinz History Center in 2004, as well as receiving the Black Trailblazers Award from Renaissance Publications in 2003.

Lamonte’s educational background includes Fire Science and Administration at Allegheny County Community College, and Journalism and Communications at Point Park College located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

During his four-year tenure as Fire Chief there were many positive changes within the County’s Aviation Department, including the construction of our New Regional ARFF Training Facility and the creation of The Allegheny County Airport Authority.

                                                                     Kimberly Mosby-Griffin (Medicine)

                                                     Kimberly Mosby-Griffin was born in the nation’s capital, Washington,                                                      D.C. At a young age her mother, Rev. Dr. Janis C. Brooks, moved                                                          her and her brother to her hometown North Versailles, PA. Growing                                                      up, most of her days were spent at her grandmother’s home in                                                              Crestas Terrace, where the entire community was known to her as                                                        family. She attended East Allegheny High School and graduated in 1995 as the class Valedictorian. Kimberly received her undergraduate degree from Wellesley College, an Ivy League women’s institution  located outside of Boston, MA. After matriculating from Wellesley College, Kimberly accepted a research position at the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This position involved researching investigational therapies for individuals living with Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases. Her role combined her desire to work with the elderly and their families with her love for innovative research. Due to her experiences with clinical trials at NINDS, Kimberly sought a position with greater oversight and increased authority to shut down investigations that were dangerous and failed to adhere to Federal law and took a position at the Emmes Corporation. Emmes has been involved with groundbreaking trials that established standards of care for cancer, identified supplements effective in delaying progression of macular degeneration, and most recently investigating effective treatment and prevention of Ebola. Over time Kimberly saw her career grow, however she knew that in order to continue growing she needed to further her education. Kimberly earned a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Research Administration from the George Washington University. Kimberly’s years of hard work were recently recognized when she was promoted to co-Principal Investigator for the AIDS Malignancy Consortium’s Operations and Data Management Center and promoted corporately to a Project Lead. She is one of a few minorities to hold this title and is the youngest Principal Investigator in the company.  Corporately she serves as the Chair for the Emmes Institutional Review Board (IRB), a role which requires provision of regulatory oversight of all projects run by the company. In her spare time she works to serve the local community as an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is also an accomplished cellist. Kimberly is married to a wonderful husband, Damon Griffin, a mental health counselor. They reside in Maryland and are the proud parents of one child, a beautiful baby girl, Danielle.

                                  ​Welcome, and Thank you by Dr. Janis C. Brooks, Founder & CEO

                                      Thank you for helping us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Citizens to                                               Abolish Domestic Apartheid, Inc. (CADAprograms) was founded in 1990 as                                         a result of extreme police brutality in Crestas Terrace, the oldest African                                             American suburban community in Pittsburgh. CADAprograms was founded                                         long before it became politically correct to address racial and social injustice. North Versailles, PA could have become another Ferguson, MO or a Baltimore, MD. The news media refused to cover the events listed in our history. In fact, I was told "The events were too hot to cover," by an African American newscaster.

The events that were occurring in "Crestas" were similar to the events that were occurring in South Africa. Prompting the name of the organization. What the history does not reference, is that in December of 1989 at 2:00 A.M. my son was threatened by phone by white boys related to  a constable. They phoned under the pretense that it was an emergency. I could hear them hollering the "N" word in the phone. I took the phone from my son and they threatened to harm both of my children. I called the local police and they would not take the complaint initially because they knew the constable. Later the excuse was they did not recognize my name, because my children's last name was different. That night, I phoned two additional layers of police and the complaint was not taken seriously. I was told to go to Crestas for my safety. I did go to Crestas. To arm myself with a 45, a shot gun, a rifle, and my Dad's 38 police revolver. I informed the police of my intentions and that I would contact the Office of Civil Rights. My complaint was taken seriously.

There are those individuals that do not embrace the name of the organization. The name represents diversity and cultural competency. The name states that "There is much work to be done, together." CADAprograms and the North Versailles Police Department can be a model for other departments. We work together harmoniously and have an educational program for the after school and summer programs. We encourage the DA's Office to actively engage in dialogue and financial support with CADAprograms and the North Versailles Police Chief to address the social issues that are causing the deterioration of Crestas Terrace.   

Crestas has a rich history which is being preserved: A diverse community that lived together harmoniously; A Tuskegee Airman; A graduate of Tuskegee University from many years ago; the first " All Black Volunteer Fire Company in the State;" The first Black Commissioner; the first Black Police Officer; Large numbers of college graduates; Single family homes; and the legacy includes the accomplishments of some of the "Diamonds being honored today."Thank you for coming. This program is about the "Legacy of CADAprograms, our families, and our community."

Beverly D. Washington (Community Service)

Beverly D. Washington of North Versailles, PA has 40-plus

years experience in the Library Sciences & Library Special

transliterating Skills at the University of Pittsburgh, University

Library Systems from (1973-current).

High School graduate from…”East Allegheny High School.” Attended Manpower Training Program and received Business Certificate.  Forty years work experience is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Library Science.

Beverly brings a positive and energetic work approach and a blend of talents in the areas of mentoring Moms and children, counseling unfortunate young mothers in recovery.  She worked part-time for “Healthy Start House” & House of Hope” providing information and assistance which enables participants to become knowledgeable about 12 Step Recovery, and recovery enhancement programs, policies, procedures and protocols.  She also worked at the CADAprograms facility for five years, and continues to support and volunteer.  She is also an active member in her community, giving back to women.  As founder of a women’s motivational group through her efforts, she is helping women who have experienced various struggles and challenges in their lives to become, empowered, motivated and inspired. She raised five children, two which were her own, and three through foster care.

She loves the Lord and have been a member of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church since childhood, and love to sing praises to God and have been doing so as a Mass Choir member for many years. Currently serving as the President/Secretary of the Mass Choir.  Her favorite bible scripture is:  Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Beverly has been blessed with many mentors in her life.  Starting with loving
parents, who taught her early on the importance of hard work
and perseverance.

She puts God first in all things, then family and business.  If you take care of Gods
business, he will take care of yours.  Without a doubt, the greatest influence in her life has been both the Grandparents.  I always admired the way they carried themselves, treated other people, and how they lived good clean lives.  I continue to strive to encompass the very best of both of them.