Children And Adults Developmental Agency Programs

Our Founder:  Dr. Janis C. Brooks, had a vision of a better future for all of God's children, and has worked for more than a quarter of a century to realize that dream for the betterment of all.

The Sankofa Bird from the African culture symbolizes the need for building our future, while remembering our past.

Our History

Children And Adults Developmental Agency Programs (CADAprograms) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Janis C. Brooks (Ph.D.) as a result of several incidents of extreme police brutality in the historic African American community of Crestas Terrace in North Versailles, Pennsylvania.  Residents, young and old, male and female witnessed:

(1) A young man beaten by a police officer and forced to walk to the squad car with his pants around his ankles (Maryland and Palma Avenues).

(2) A young female forced to the ground and handcuffed because she verbally disagreed with what she had seen. She required medical assistance. Her baby who was being held by the grandmother observed this.

(3) Police officers at the end of a dead end street (Milligan Ave.) surrounded a young man who was forced to lay prostate on the ground, handcuffed, with a shotgun to his head. The police officer’s foot was on the young man’s neck.

(4) Youth being chased throughout the community by police officers with weapons drawn.

Despite repeated requests by the community for assistance from several political entities, no assistance was provided. Acts of violence of this nature were commonplace in South Africa, but were not expected to be tolerated or witnessed in America, thus the name of the organization. Originally called Citizens to Abolish Domestic Apartheid, the name was changed in 1993 to Citizens to Abolish Domestic Apartheid to stress and to highlight that full societal access and social equity is guaranteed to all regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or age. The reality for many of America’s minorities and poor falls short of the ideal presented as an inalienable right.

It is CADAprograms assertion that inclusiveness of all individuals and the acceptance of diverse cultures are essential in embracing the commonality of all individuals.

The premier after-school program began in 1995 and the stellar summer program in 2000.  As a result of CADAprograms civic engagement, the organization has an excellent rapport with the police department.

I am a special person.
I believe I can achieve.
I am a person of greatness.
My homework is a priority.
I expect excellence in all I do and all I receive.
I am a CADAprograms student!

© 2007  Dr. J.C. Brooks

CADAprograms Motto

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.